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Csti+csto- đầu cáp co nguội - hãng tyco - raychem/ trung quốc

Thương hiệu: Tyco-Raychem
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CSTI+CSTO - Đầu cáp Co Nguội - Hãng Tyco/Raychem - Nhập khẩu từ Singapore

(Xuất xứ Trung Quốc. Đầu cáp chưa gồm đầu cốt)

Raychem Cold Shrinkable Termination CSTI/CSTO
for Polymeric Insulated Cables up to 24 kV
• Pre-expanded Termination body with integrated stress controldeflector and sealing mastic

• Single piece silicone termination body with optimal mechanical expansion ratio allows a wide application range
• The extra-long silicone stress cone is integrated with the termination and reduces positioning
• Moisture sealing at the lug is integrated
• Well-known and easy-to-install holdout system, rip cord pulling direction towards the lug not the bottom of  the termination
• Easy to install in tight switchgear compartments
• Accommodates Mechanical shear bolt lug and compression lug
Raychem terminations CSTI/O cold shrink terminations are made from a high performance, liquid silicone material which is specially formulated for excellent tracking and split resistance. The extra-long, silicone stress cone is integrated within the termination which ensures correct positioning. Moisture sealing at the lug is integrated into the termination body, eliminating the need for additional sealing tapes. They offer a reliable, fast and easy-toinstall system to ensure trouble free service and maintain high network reliability. All key components are pre-expanded on one holdout system, allowing neat installation in compact environment on the prepared cable. Raychem terminations CSTI/O are designed to cover a wide range of applications and to accommodate the variety of cable and conductor types used in the networks. Range-taking, mechanical lugs ensuring reliable

installation and service can be supplied with the kit.
• Easy to install spiral holdout

• Integrated sealing mastic
• Outstanding weathering, UV and Ozone Resistance
• Chemically resistant
• Resistant to fungi
• Excellent electrical properties, including good tracking resistance and high dielectric strength
• Electrical stress control of the screen cut area using integrated conductive geometrical stress cones
• Hydrophobic (water hating/repelling)
• Non-Flammable
• Self Extinguishing
• Retains performance over wide temperature range –45 to +150°C
• Excellent resistance to splitting and permanent set
• All components have full traceability back to raw materials
• Mechanical shear bolt lug and compression lug to IEC 61238-1 can be supplied
• CENELEC HD 629.1.S2, requirements which include IEC, BS, VDE and other international specifications, IEEE-48
• Manufacturing site ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 qualified 1 energ

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